Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tending to the Flock...

I've been neglecting some of the related sites. Time, as always, is at a premium. ("Time management," a loathsome idea if there ever was one, isn't exactly my forte.) To address these crimes, I went into overdrive and added a blog update to the moldering Miss High Heel profile, uploaded three short videos, over 100 photos, and changed the layout of the Rope Cosmetology page (its Blogger counterpart is still woefully undernourished - forgive), responded to long-standing friend requests at the TLASILA MySpace page (and there's still a lot of work to be done there, apologies in advance, etc.), added all the new and recently issued albums (and accompanying sound files) to the Karl Schmidt Verlag site (yeah, its Blogger doppelganger is also hurting - I'll get around to it, promise), even Twittered a few times yesterday, and responded to some follower tweets.

And one of these millennia I'll complete the latest revamp of the TLASILA web portal. Oy...

Happy Clattering,


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