Monday, September 7, 2009

Rope Cosmetology: Casement Ledges Where Moss Has Grown...

Hello Again,

Finally. After months of adjustments, the fourth Rope Cosmetology album, Spezial Gedankengef├╝ge, has been completed. Orders will ship tomorrow.

Here's the revised running order:

Week 1

101 Visit When in Sympathy (10:12)

102 Hamletmaschine (5:42)

103 I Must Mourn (5:30)

104 Otherwise She Agreed (5:36)

105 Grateful, But Some Fur (20:05)

106 All Is Lead, Corporeal (9:46)

107 Jean Heap Came Off His Pen (composite) (5:02)

108 Third Symbol May Stumble (12:41)

Week 2

201 Set Rehearsal (7 Apr 09) (52:07)

202 Dirges One Ruined (5:16)

203 Visit When in Sympathy (10:46)

204 The Cortege (8:07)

205 Rope Cosmetology (2:21)

The third disc, a 45-minute DVD of various short videos shot during (and around) the April sessions, will also be included.

Thanks very much for waiting on us to finish the album. It's a collection of rehearsal recordings, so there are occasional flubs, errors, missed beats, blown notes, etc., but THIS GROUP DESTROYS and I don't think you'll mind the odd imperfect moment.

Yours Faithfully,

Tom, for Tim, Ryan, Feri, and Balazs.